thumbnail July 14, 2014 Sold on Hold – It’s Marketing Gold!

    In today’s media saturated market place  how do you make your  message stand out  in a world overcrowded with advertisements. Reaching the audience is the number one problem for all marketing initiatives, and marketing specialists know the value of having a captive audience. So here’s the good news that will save you ... Read more

On-Hold Marketing for Dentists May 2, 2014 On-Hold Marketing for Dentists: 3 Reasons it’s Great for Dental Offices

  On-hold marketing can be a highly effective tool for businesses and organizations across many different industries. At Sold on Hold, we have over 15 years’ experience providing music on-hold and messages on-hold to clients throughout North America across a diverse range of fields. While we do work for all sorts of companies, one ... Read more

Music On-Hold April 7, 2014 Music On-Hold: Is the Music You’re Playing Legal?

Did you know that your on-hold music must be licensed? First things first, we should point out that this isn’t professional legal advice, if you’d like an educated comment on the law and how it applies to your specific situation, please contact your lawyer. However, as a professional music on-hold and message on-hold company, ... Read more

Custom On-Hold Marketing March 7, 2014 On-Hold Marketing: Are You Missing Out?

  Sold on Hold has been in business since 1996. Amazingly, that’s nearly 20 years! Yikes! In that time, we have worked with thousands of customers across North America from Dallas to Edmonton, from Vancouver to New York, delivering successful and effective on-hold marketing campaigns. With that kind of track record, it’s fair to ... Read more

On-Hold February 6, 2014 On-Hold Choices: 3 Options, 1 Winner

  When it comes to managing what on-hold callers hear, there are essentially three options available to businesses. However, there’s only one winner. Here are the three options…   OPTION 1 – Silence or “Dead Air” Silence or “dead air” while on-hold can lead callers to believe that they have been on-hold far longer ... Read more

On-Hold January 9, 2014 The Importance of On-Hold Marketing for Business

  Music on-hold and message on-hold marketing is extremely effective in improving customer experience and reducing caller hang ups. Extremely cost-effective with a strong return on investment, on-hold marketing is a great tool for business.   For example, consider the following facts:   Nationwide, 7 out of every 10 callers are placed on hold ... Read more

Seasons Greetings December 19, 2013 Season’s Greetings from Sold on Hold

  Season’s greetings from the entire Sold on Hold team! We would like to wish all of our customers the very best for the holiday season and 2014! December was a very busy month for us, as we provided many of our clients with custom on-hold holiday greetings, but no matter when we worked with ... Read more

Voicemail December 5, 2013 How to Record an Effective Voicemail Greeting Message

  For last month’s blog post, we looked at ten important phone answering tips for small businesses. We’re continuing along that theme this month, but this time we’re looking at what happens when you can’t take the call – we’re looking at how to record an effective voicemail greeting message.   Ok, so first ... Read more

Businesswoman on the phone, smiling while taking notes. November 7, 2013 10 Important Phone Answering Tips for Small Businesses

The telephone is still a very important tool for business and answering the phone professionally is vital for small businesses. It may seem fairly insignificant, but it isn’t. Indeed, in some cases, how the phone is answered may provide a potential customer with their first impression of your company. As a company that specializes ... Read more

On-Hold October 8, 2013 On-Hold Marketing Alive and Well

Welcome to the Sold on Hold blog! For our first post, we want to clear something up… With the internet all powerful in the communications world and landline use getting less by the day, people tend to assume that on-hold marketing is soon to be a thing of the past. While the conclusion is ... Read more