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audiosampleThe very best voice actors can bring products and scripts to life. It’s a real skill. Through their read, talented voice artists are able to inspire people to imagine. It can be a very useful sales tactic in on-hold marketing. The right voice really can work as a salesperson for you! That’s the key though, it’s not enough to have any voice, you need the right voice. That’s why we only work with radio professionals with the right mix of experience, on-hold marketing understanding and ability to engage. Our voice actors are able to give every on-hold production that little extra something that can only be provided by the sound of a professional voice.

Here are the key facts regarding our professional voicing services:

  • All Voice Actors Are Experienced Radio Professionals
  • All Voice Artists Understand the Demands of the On-Hold Industry
  • All Recordings Done In On-Site Audio Studio
  • Voice Talent Works Closely With Creative Writing Team
  • All Voicing Work Backed by 100% Guarantee

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a to two person operation, every business can benefit from the sound of a professional voice. Think about it, if a customer has picked up the phone to call your business, the chances are they’re already impressed by your company, but you’ve not made a sale yet. On-hold is an opportunity to reinforce your potential customer’s positive first impression, and the right voice is absolutely essential to that.

For over 20 years, we’ve been honing and developing our packages, equipment, music selection and voice actor roster to ensure our clients have the very best options in on-hold messaging available to them. On the following pages, you can learn more about our voice actors and our licensed music options.