audiosampleSelecting the right music for, or to supplement, your on-hold marketing is very important. It is essential that the music selection is on message with your company’s brand. For instance, you probably don’t want to be playing heavy metal music on-hold, if you’re running a day spa. Our experienced staff can pick the music for you based upon your company’s typical client demographic, brand and industry, or they can provide you with some samples to choose from. Ultimately, the process is simple and straightforward, in fact, it’s fun!

Here are some of the quick facts about our music on-hold selection:

  • Extensive Selection Containing Thousands of Songs Across Many Genres
  • All Licensed, Legal & Paid For
  • Crystal Clear Quality
  • Available As, or to Supplement, On-Hold Marketing Campaign
  • Easy Selection Process
  • We Can Select Appropriate Music For You
  • You Can Choose the Music Based on Samples

Here at Sold on Hold, we have a database of thousands of licensed, high quality, music tracks across many different genres. The licensing part is crucial. You may not realize it but whenever a track is played on-hold, a fee is due to the owner of that track. In other words, if your business is playing music on-hold, you have to pay the owner of the track for the song you are using. Now, Van Morrison once said, “Music is spiritual. The music business is not.” Thankfully, when it comes to the licensing and fees for the right to play music on-hold, we deal with ALL of that! That means no headaches for you – you don’t need to know a thing about licensing or royalties. You can pick whatever you like from our database and relax safe in the knowledge that all royalty fees have been taken care of so long as your Sold on Hold agreement has been paid for and is in good standing.

To learn more about our music on-hold services, selection or to hear some samples, contact us!