Quality Is In Our Genes

Media Button: Video Solutions

Video Production

In many ways, we’re unique here at Sold on Hold. From our 100% guarantee to our in-house professional audio studio, we provide a number of things that are not standard within the on-hold marketing industry. Not only do we go above and beyond what is expected, but we’re affordable too! With Sold on Hold, we like to think of our clients as getting the quality and luxury of a Mercedes Benz for the cost of a Hyundai.

One other way in which we are unique is our setup. Our sister company, Media Button, is a Kelowna/Vancouver  video production agency. Media Button, founded in 1991, is located in a 5000 sq. ft., facility containing an audio studio, 30 ft. green screen, video production suites, studios and more. We’re located in the same building as Media Button too! On a daily basis, professionals from both companies work together to find effective solutions for clients in Kelowna, Vancouver and beyond!

This remarkable setup means that, through our sister company, we can offer our Sold on Hold customers a host of  video production services. With Media Button, you get the same quality, professionalism, value for money and attention to detail as you do with Sold on Hold.